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New PC [28 Jan 2003|02:31pm]

[ mood | awake ]

Name: Ian Richerdson
Race: Half elf
Class: Bard
Bio: Born by a human Woman, about sixty years old, blond hair, green eyes, speakes elven, common, dwarvan, and a little of a few more. FIghts with a hand and half sword, but would rather use a cross bow at a range. Has some magic, (Magic Missile, sleep, light, and small cantrips) No real home, looking for adventure, romance, a good fight, anything to keep himself ocupide.

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[20 Dec 2002|06:18pm]


Okay, we will be restarting this community due to the renewing of the popularity of J.R.R Tolkien's Lord of the Rings series. There will be a new story and no kingdom that the people of this community are bound to. I had made kingdoms the last game because I expected many many people, but to my dismay there were few. Now expect to travel and go on a quest. The storyline is still to come. Thank you. (Get new names if you wish, we don't need all elves!)

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[13 Oct 2002|11:39am]

"Alcsoron..." I said.

"A nice name. Just where does it originate...?"
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[04 Oct 2002|09:37pm]

Okay I hate to put a break in the story here, but someone post SOMETHING!!!!
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[19 Sep 2002|03:35pm]

I started off towards Hielsimer. I urged my horse to go faster and faster. Within an hour of my depart I had reached the castle. The poor horse's sides were heaving. I put it in the stable and grabbed another one. Then I saw the headmonk. "Brilanoon and Alcsoron need help. I do not have time to wait for you. They are heading after that black mage. She's going somewhere." "Where is she going, Alkaeariel?" He asked me. I paused a moment, then said "If I am not mistaken, I do believe she is headed farther south." "Well surely she is not that dangerous." "Well, she tried to kill me and she is trying to seduce Brilanoon so she can turn Hielsimer over to the great evil that is taking over further south. Nope doesn't sound evil at all to me." I said sarcastically. "I have no further time to tell you this. I am leaving." I said. With that I ran even faster southwards and followed their tracks. I must be atleast an hour behind them. But I would try to find them nonetheless.
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[19 Sep 2002|07:55am]

[ mood | nauseated ]

I walked around the castle, staring in all directions, holding the bundle of my clothes in my arms. My feet were swift on the floor. Everything was silent. "What on earth is going on here?" I said allowed, more to myself then to any other person.

I could not find Brilanoon, nor any of the other mages that came here. I could not even find my father. I stared at my bedroom door and threw my clothes on the bed. I walked towards the closet and changed into different clothing, something much more comfortable to ride in. I put on a tunic and pants and my boots. I grabbed my arrows, bow and my sias and proceeded to the stables.

I frowned to myself as I passed Loche's doorway. I stopped and stepped back and knocked on the door. I waited for a response and shortly after, I recieved one when he opened the door to look at me. "Your highness." He spoke, his voice and expression seeming surprised to see me.

I smiled faintly. "May I come in? I wish to speak with you."

He nodded, moving away from the door to let me in his room. I walked inside and stared at a desk, filled with papers and a quill lying on them. "I take it you're keeping busy?" I questioned, turning to look at him.

"Yes, M'Lady."

I didn't bother asking what exactly he was doing but only questioned instead. "Have you seen my brother anywhere? I went away for only a short while and everyone is gone. I can't even find my father anywhere."

I swallowed hard, feeling a sudden touch of fear grace me. Brilanoon, if you can hear me, where have you gone, dear little brother? Worry rocks me.

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[19 Sep 2002|02:11pm]

I sighed. Belethfiniel heard Alkaeariel's thoughts. It didn't matter, she was fleeing now, and Brilanoon didn't give chase.

"Alcscron, do you have the energy to help me?" He yelled from a top the tree.

"Yes. You go, I'll catch up!" I shouted back. He noded quickly and gave chase.

I put Alkaeariel on a horse and ordered it to go home. "No, I must help!" She said, looking at me with her hopful eyes. I sighed "I'm sorry, but you don't have the strength right now. You must inform the headmonks of this! Please, go now!" I yelled, and she looked at me for a second, then rode off.

I started running, on foot maybe I could catch up. I knew that if I followed in the trees, it would be hours untill I cought up. I could feel them above, so sprinting I chased after the two beings.
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[18 Sep 2002|05:37pm]

[ mood | amused ]

Bah, that stupid White Mage. I heard her thoughts whispering. I may not be all-powerful, but I am certainly able to pick up on a transfer of energy like that.

My content expression turned to that of disdain. "I see your friends are still trying to contact you. Why do they insist upon my death? I mean not to harm neither you nor your people," I said, slipping into Elven dialect. Bah, they are so proper in their speaking. I would bear it and stick to diplomatics, though.

Before he could respond, my gaze hardened and I said angrily, "However, if you continue your relentless pursuit of me... it might not be my choice to make. Leave me to my affairs, and continue running your kingdom as if I have never set foot in this peaceful land."

"I cannot ignore the fact that you have harmed both myself and my friends!!" he yelled.

"Well, I suggest you try." And with that I sent a small fireball towards him, causing him to duck and fall off the tree. I smirked and jumped off several trees, finally reaching the low limb I had tied a stolen horse to. I mounted it and rode away bareback. I had matters to attend to, and three stubborn idiots were not about to ruin them.

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[18 Sep 2002|03:27pm]

I had fallen unconscious in the arms of my friend Alcsoron. The blackness was coming around me, and I kept trying to wake myself up over and over again. A huge surge of power rushed through me. "No!!" I screamed as I woke up. "Alcsoron do not take me back!" "Why..?" Alcsoron asked. "Brilanoon, we have to help Brilanoon. She wants him, She wants him so she can have Hielsimer. If they get Hielsimer then they'll have what they need and there will be no stopping them!" I said. Alcsoron needed no further explaining than that. We rushed back. "Okay, we are going to hide. She may have black magic but she doesn't have X-Ray vision. She will not know of our presence." I said "Carry me over there. No wait, let me try to walk." He put me down and the second he did I fell to the ground. "Okay, find then carry me into that tree beside them." I told him. "But Alkaeariel, why can't they see us?" He asked me. "Because he is going to have to choose, no one else can choose for him, I want to see how he resists her on his own. I'm only going to try to help him if there is no way to avoid it." Alcsoron climbed silently into the tree, me hanging on to him. Before we reached the top I closed my eyes "Please stay strong Brilanoon. Everything rests in your hands." I knew my voice would appear like a small whisper to him and that she nor Alcsoron could hear it. I only hoped he was smart enough to listen.
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[17 Sep 2002|10:45pm]

"Damn..." I thought to myself, "She's right...we won't finish anything this way!" Alcsoron was panting due to his last spell. He was strong indeed, but my dear friend does need more experience. "Go ahead, get Alkaeariel, Alcsoron!" I ordered, sprinting on the huge limbs of this forest. I saw Alcsoron go after our friend from the corner of my eye, but discarded any worry of it. I stabbed the tree with my sword and pulled myself up by it, there not being a low limb for myself to grab here. I landed at the basin of the limbs and began to rush after the Black Mage. "She may have magic, but she surely hasn't had the experience of climbing trees that a young elven boy does!" I proclaimed to myself, nearing her now. I saw her standing, her back turned to me. She was watching Alcsoron rescue Alkaeariel...but was not stopping them.
I rounded a limb to see the expression of her face, but when I did it seemed at rest and content. Then she smiled again...that damn smile of hers had got me into too much already. Yet it caught my attention as always and she spoke, "Brilanoon...that is your name, isn't it?" I stood up and let my guard down, something I thought I may soon regret. Then I heard a faint whisper from below, "Don't let her fool you, Brilanoon..." My eyes widened when I discovered it to be Alkaeariel. "She wants Hilsiemir..." she said again before falling unconcious into Alcsoron's arms. "Take her back! Please!" I asked of Alcsoron and he rushed off into the woods. If he did decide to take the ride home or not--I do not know. I turned back toward the Black Mage and, to my amazement, she was still there...waiting to discuss this at last. She didn't appear evil...she wasn't even the one to harm Alkaeariel...
I sat down in the tree across from here, put my bow down, and waited for her to speak.
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[17 Sep 2002|10:09pm]

[ mood | accomplished ]

I used dark energy to leap into the air and grab hold of a tree limb, cloak billowing behind me. I do so love dramatics.

The two below me snarled comically as I hoisted myself into a standing on the branch. "Hello down there! How are you fellows on this bright, fine day?" I called tauntingly, and quickly swerved to avoid an incoming arrow from the prince. The water mage was gathering power to try the same move, so I laughed. "You *do* know you'll never catch me that way."

"We can try," the prince said. Heh, how funny.

I smirked, "Go ahead then..." and jumped to a higher branch, then propelled myself forward onto a different tree a few meters away. I laughed and continued my leaps of faith into the distance, away from my attackers and the white mage.

One thing I was relieved of: they had all passed the test. Devotion to one another. Good...

That mage, though... Jeez, try and talk to yourself and people get so angry...

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[17 Sep 2002|09:36pm]

They had come for me. I have never been so happy. I couldn't help them with Bethelefeniel, I am tied up and I'm sore, I'm not strong enough to hold her off of them. My face is bleeding, my hair is messed up, there is blood all over my dress, I am weak and sore. And yet still I have never felt so alive.
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[17 Sep 2002|09:11pm]

I looked at Alcsoron after walking around the town for quite some time. We didn't know where to look, but something came to my mind. I indeed knew that the same thought had dawned on him by his look. I nodded and we both rushed back to the castle's stables, grabbing two stallions and heading off to the south on the dirt road. "We are thinking the same thing, aren't we?" he asked. "Alkaeariel is dying...isn't that what you thought?" He nodded and we picked up the speed, heading through a break in the Emerald Mountains. "She isn't quite as far as we expected...we can get there soon!" I exclaimed. In no time we found the source of these telepathic messages and jumped off of our horses.
I signaled for Alcsoron to follow me back behind the bushes. There we sat for a few minutes, deciding Belethfiniel's intentions. I drew my bow, aimed, and shot an arrow beside of her. "You're turn, I'll distract her!" I told Alcsoron and jumped out to see the Black Mage. "I keep telling you how rude that you are...get your lesser fools out of here and finish this!" I exclaimed. She hissed at me, but before she could say anything Alcsoron had taken his turn. A blinding blue light came from behind me, blinding her for a moment. Then, finally, we rushed at her...
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[17 Sep 2002|03:23pm]

When I woke up after drifting to sleep. I heard a name say something in the darkness. "Brilanoon the future king is Brilanoon. If we can corrupt him while we have the chance, Hielsimer is ours. But he has two very powerful mages on his side, they will try to show him the right way when it comes time for him. That's all she will tell us now. But the white mage, the one with the red hair, her name is Alkaeariel, and I do believe this is who we have caught. Our master will be most happy for her to be gone." "Alkaeariel...." I thought "That name sounds so familiar...." Then it dawned on me, *I* am Alkaeariel....suddenly everything came flooding back to me. Alcsoron, my friend whom I had helped, Elerrina the princess, the King, and Brilanoon, the reason why I left. I had hoped to had find something in him, but he had said something that had upset me. I had figured I have nothing more in Hielsimer and I am leaving to find whatever love I can. But, now, oh I can live my life without seeing my parents, but I just want to see my friend's faces again. They're my family. I would even be happy seeing the headmonks. But...they're going to kill me! That can *not* happen. I decided to do something that I had been working on mastering. I thought deeply. If they could hear me, they could save me, if they wanted to. "Alcsoron, Brilanoon. PLEASE hear me." I thought as hard as I could. "I am just outside of the boarder of my country. They are going to kill me, please find me." I repeated it over and over again. Hoping more than anything they could hear my thoughts being sent to them. Oh please do find me. I am listening and trying to remember everything they have told me, what I know would be so useful to them. I am just wishing that anyone I know would show up.

Then I got my wish, then I immediately began to wish I hadn't. "Ahh....the white mage." I heard her say. I turned around glaring. "You have been nothing but a nuisance to me ever since I came to Hielsimer." she said. "And now, you will be a nuisance no more." "I escaped your poison once, I do suppose I could escape it again." I told her. "That's what Alcsoron thought." she said smiling. "Such a foolish boy. He does not realize that power comes second to experience." "Well I have had lots of experience, and my friends will not fail me. When they find me dead, you'll soon join me." "Well, let's see how much your friends really do care. The sun has just risen, they have all day, that is more than enough time to get here. But if they are not here by midnight, you can die peacefully, knowing that they won't be upset."

I sighed there was to much going on in Hielsimer for them to leave. I cause so much trouble. I am not worth the saving.
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[16 Sep 2002|04:09pm]

I was going somewhere important, when something crept up behind me. It beat me unconscious. I do not know who I am or from whence I came. I think they are going to kill me.....
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[16 Sep 2002|08:52pm]


Pain, thats what I felt. That black mage had send me flying into a wall along with Brilanoon. When I opened my eyes, they were both gone. Damnit, now I was gonna have to find them, and hope that Brilanoon was okay. I got up quickly and ran out the door. I could feel the energy comming from the black mage, so they were still here. Found them!

I drew my sword and held it to Belethfeniel's neck. "Anwser my question!" Brilanoon ordered, but Belethfeniel simpally laughed.

"Ahh, you again." Belethfeniel said as she turned her head to look at me. "The one with the dark power. Shall we see who is the more powerful?" She said grinning.

"I will not use my dark powers unless I have to." I said, I could see Brilanoon nod in aproval.

"Humph, you do have to!" She said, releasing another wave of pure dark energy at both of us.

We both recovered quickly and got ready to fight. "Ready boys?" She said meancingly. Brilanoon and I charged foward and slashed out swords at her. But in a flash, she was gone and out blades met. From behind us, dark power blew us over again. I decided that this was no fight to use a sword, so I threw my sword down and powered up as much water magic as I could.

"Heh, water? Great for healing, but not much use againsed black magic." Belethfeniel said matter of factly.

I knew this was true, but I had to try. I shot a blast of power at Belethfeniel. It knocked her back a bit, but it was nothing to her. Water magic didn't really have much offencive spells. She released a blast at me, knocking me to my feet. Brilanoon ran at her, but Belethfeniel cast a weird spell I had never seen before. It froze him in time.

"Just me and you." Belethfeniel said with a grin.

Within minutes, my power was draining. My water spell were having little or no effect on her at all. I only had one choice.


I contentrated hard on my dark power. But this time, I was in control. I raised my right hand and unleashed a wave of pure black energy at Belethfeniel. It knocked her accross the room. I was much more powerful. But she was still grinning...

I was about to shoot another blast of energy, but Belethfeniel countered it before I even cast the spell. I feld my inside being hit with my own power. I got up, feeling the pain in my chest. Suddenly a though came to me. I might have been more powerful, but she was more experenced. She knew things about my own power that even I didn't know. If it were a fight of raw power, I would have overcome her with ease. But magic was about more than power, it was about stragity and experence. This angered me.

I fought with out purpose, and I failed. Belethfeniel outclased me and left me lying on the floor in pain. Then, she vanished. And Brilanoon was released from the spell.

"I'm sorry my prince, she got away..." I said, bowing my head in shame.

"It's okay, Alcscron. We'll go after her. And together, will she overcome her." Brilanoon said to me, and somehow it lifted my spirits. I grabed his hand as he helped me up, and we left the castle in search of Belethfeniel.
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[15 Sep 2002|12:25pm]

[ mood | irritated ]

I was thrown against the wall by one of Belethfeniel's spells, quickly seeing Alcsoron beside me. She walked out the door and, surprisingly, all the guards had left this hall. I stumbled to my feet and went out the door after her, leaving Alcsoron to wake on his own.
"Damn place, I should never have come here." Belethfeniel said, rounding the corner to go down the stairs. "That's awfully rude of you to say after we kept you alive." I said, looking at her from the corner of my eye. "So, you aren't down yet? Maybe I should try again." she stated, pointing a finger at me. I drew my sword and held it against her neck. She glared, but I didn't care. "You've caused too much hell in this place to just leave like that. Now, tell me your reason for being here..."

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[15 Sep 2002|10:27am]

[ mood | amused ]

I mentally smirked. Beautiful? Feh. Either way, I was through having people observing me any time they saw fit to do so. I was completely rested, and only lying with my eyes closed in hopes that they might go away.

No such luck.

Oh, the looks on their faces were absolutely priceless. All I really did was suddenly jump to my feet and wave, but I think I knocked a few years off both of their lives.

The foolish prince stared, and water mage (or rather, black?) stuttered, jaw hanging limply.

I simply smiled and brushed past them, then felt a hand grasp my arm, stopping me. I turned around.

That prince.

I arched an eyebrow in skepticism, and tried to wrench my arm free. His stare had turned into a pointed glare, and he wouldn't release me.

"Oh... Oh no. You will not touch me like that." I said snottily, and threw a wave of raw energy at the both of them, throwing them into the adjacent wall.

I snickered and walked out the door.

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[15 Sep 2002|07:48pm]

Brilanoon and I walked into the castle to check up on the sleeping mage. Although I had more power than her, I was still scared. But she was sleeping, so I brushed the though aside. Then I thought of Alkaeariel. I can't beleive she left. I wanted so badly to go after her, but I know I couldn't.

"Thinking of Alkaeariel?" Brilanoon asked suddenly.

"Actually, yes..." I said.

"I know, it hurts to lose a close friend..." Brilanoon said in a sad voice. I got the feeling he was refering to my little burst of darkness. "But, I know she'll be okay!" He added, voice bursting with optimsium.

"Yes, of course. She rather powerful." I said with a smile.

We both stopped, we were just outside of the mages room. Slowly, we entered. Despite my great power, and Brilanoon's great fighting skill, we were both somewhat nervous. I could feel it from him, and I'm sure he could feel it from me.

"Such evil from something so..." I began.

"Beautiful." He finished the sentance for me.
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[15 Sep 2002|01:38am]

[ mood | thoughtful ]

Alcsoron came in through my door at lunch today, holding a piece of paper in his hand. "Brilanoon, you should read this..." he said. I looked at him, put down my bread, and took the folded up note. My eyes ran over it quickly and I sighed. "Well, she's gone...this was written hours ago I suppose. Seems she took off late last night..." He nodded and showed me the map. "She has ventured into the unknown countries. Could be half through the first by now, for it is not a long ride that way down south." I put my money for the lunch on the counter at this bar, as I was out as a commoner again, and walked out the door with Alcsoron. "Nothing much we can do now, my friend." I said. He nodded again. "And you know we can't venture after her." I said, sticking my hands in my pockets. "We should check up on that sleeping mage I suppose."

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